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Your life jacket is an essential part of your safety equipment. Before purchasing an inflatable life jacket, you must be aware that inflatable life jackets should be self checked by the owner and under the Marine and Safety (Motor Boats and Licences) By-laws 2013, (Clause 31(2)  it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure they are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  All manufacturers have different requirements.  A receipt of service may be required as proof of service.

The cost of servicing an inflatable life jacket is a small price to pay.  What is your life worth?

Please visit the Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) web site at

All inflatable lifejackets require a little extra care and maintenance. They should be stored, when not at sea, in a clean and dry environment.

These C02 inflated garments are lighter and less cumbersome than conventional foam life jackets and are quite versatile – they’re even made as wet weather jackets and windproof vests and are becoming increasingly popular.

However there are added maintenance requirements that come with this style of jacket as well as the need for detailed crew and passenger briefing on their operation.

Care should also be taken when purchasing an inflatable jacket to ensure that it conforms with Australian Standards. Inflatable jackets conforming to Australian Standards meet AS 4758. This will be clearly marked on the jacket.

The jackets should also be checked regularly, prior to wearing. Make a visual check for damage and unscrew the gas cylinder to ensure it has not been pierced. If it has been pierced then replace it immediately. Without this occurring the jacket will not inflate.

Ensure that the cartridge is screwed in firmly. Cartridges can loosen from continual vibration whilst stowed in a car or boat. If a cylinder is loose, gas can escape through the thread upon activation.

It is also worthwhile to periodically manually inflate your jacket with the oral inflation tube, and leave it overnight. This will determine whether there are any leaks in the bladder. Remember that if the temperature in the room decreases overnight, this will affect the pressure in the bladder, so take this into consideration when assessing the air in the jacket the next morning.

Inflatable jackets are certainly very convenient but remember to be diligent with your checks and undertake regular servicing to ensure it will work when you need it.

Lifejackets Servicing Tasmania can service all currently compliant inflatable lifejackets and Dan Buoys. We are an accredited lifejacket inspection service and certification centre. We service most types and all popular brands of lifejackets.

Yes, we do offer a pick-up and delivery service in the southern region. You can also drop off your lifejackets either to our service centre in Blackmans Bay or at one of our depots throughout Tasmania. A list of our current drop-off points can be found by clicking here. Please contact us for more information.

Although we do not recommend specific brands we are more than happy to discuss your requirements. The type of inflatable lifejacket you purchase will depend on your own boating activities and usage applications.

When not at sea your inflatable lifejackets should be stored an a dry environment and away from anything that may cause impact or abrasion damage.

Our service centre is in Hobart, southern Tasmania. We have conveniently located depots situated throughout Tasmania so you can drop off your inflatable lifejackets.

You are required to follow the manufacturer’s instruction for maintenance of your inflatable life jacket. You will also need to have the jacket inspected by an approved inspection station such as Lifejacket Servicing Tasmania on a regular basis according to the current legislation applying to the type of lifejacket you have. Please visit the Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) web site at for further information.

This will depend on how you look after them. We strongly recommend safe, dry storage when not at sea. Regularly inspecting your inflatable lifejacket, occasionally manually inflating them and getting them professionally inspected and certified will ensure that they are legally compliant and will work if and when you need them.

If you need to clean them of contaminants such as oil or grease use a mild washing detergent and warm water. Check your inflatable lifejackets after every trip for any external damage or wear and repair or replace them if necessary.

 Our costs are as follows:

Servicing: (from) $40.00 (plus parts if required)

For bulk servicing please contact us for a quote.

PLEASE NOTE: Our prices do not include freight for returning of jackets.

You can pay by EFT on receipt of our invoice and report.

EFT details will appear on our invoice.

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